Hi! My name is Alex Iurlov and me and my team will help you to reach russian customers and find partners.
I am serial entrepreneur with very strong internet promotion skills.
I have more than 9 years experience of development my own companies in B2B, B2C and C2C spheres.
List of my companies there: www.iurlov.com/business
My best case – my own company Smartiplast LLC – reseller of plastic containers in Moscow. Turnover 1708000 USD in 78 monthes. (25% – margin).
My team are russian, ukraine web developers and marketers. I am also WordPress developer and marketing expert.
Result – is a must. We work for result.
Give us a target and tasks!
Message right now!

Please send your request in the form below or by email: info@promo-in-russia.com

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