1. Avito – №1 classified board in Russia. Not only for second hand, also for new stuff.
Sales tools of Avito, which we can help to setup:
Avito personal shop
Avito company shop
Avito contextual advertising
Avito paid classifieds
Example of my Avito personal shop: LINK
2. Youla (Юла) https://youla.io/
Yula paid classifieds
Example of my Youla personal shop: LINK

3. Post to 100 russian classifieds boards
We can post 30 your classifieds (text with picture) in 30 days to 100 boars each. Total 3000 active links!
Its very fast way to be in 1 page of Yandex!
We will give you report in Excel.
Bellow example of 1 post: (i make advertising for my self)

Please send your request in the form below or by email: info@promo-in-russia.com

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