We can make great social media marketing for your company in russian social networks!
We know what need to do, and how need to do advertising and SMM with result!
1. Vkontakte www.vk.com Russian social network
2. Odnoklassniki www.ok.ru Russian social network
3. My world my.mail.ru Russian social network
4. Machinebook www.machinebook.ru Russian business b2b social network
5. Professionali www.professionali.ru Russian business social network (analog Linkedin)
6. E-xecutive www.e-xecutive.ru Russian business network with top managers.
7. Moikrug www.moikrug.ru Russian network for IT recruiters and applicants for IT job.
8. Business Molodost www.molodost.bz Russian business education platform and social network
9. MirTesen www.mirtesen.ru Russian social network
10. LIVEJOURNAL – Very big russian blog platform – must have for posting!
11. Telegram – Russian messenger. Our services in Telegram: chat-bot, public group, etc

Please send your request in the form below or by email: info@promo-in-russia.com

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