Vkontakte – vk.com – top 4 web-sites in Russia!
VK is more resourceful and much bigger edition of Facebook. VK is also known as Vkontakte and this is said to be Europe’s biggest social media site that has above 100 million users. It is most famous among Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. It is like Facebook because VK enables users to text their friends in public and private. It also allows users to create public pages and groups, tag and share videos and photos and play games. VK is the 4th -most visited website in Russia.
Famous russian social network its also powerfull business tool!
Have few ways of promotion and advertising in Vk:
1. Vk targeted advertising
We can setup and launch campaign
2. Ad in communities
We can setup and launch campaign
3. Vk page for your Business
We can create, promote and attract followers, post everyday
design, communicate with folowers
4. Vk communities
5. Vk personal page
6. Vk shop
7. QR codes

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